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  • Features:
  • 1.Single LED cuttable,more shorter applied length down to 8.3mm,good solution for precise dimension purpose,while mounted in irregular length channel whithout dark field.
    2. Color temperature adjustable available in 2700~6500K.
    3. A variety of waterproof types available.
    4. Convenient for usage with cuttable and linkable operation.
    5. 30,000h long lifespan, CE and RoHS approval.
  • Parameter:
  • Part Number LED
    Dimension LED CCT /Dominant
    Luminous Flux.(±10%) Power




    W8xH1.0mm 2700-6500K 250lm 4W/M 5VDC >80
    GL-5-F634C-B 193lm
    GL-5-F634A-B W10xH4.0mm 242lm
    GL-5-F634B-B W10xH4.0mm 193lm
    GL-5-F634E-B W10xH4.0mm 211lm
    GL-5-F634K-B W8xH4.0mm 236lm
    GL-5-F634H-B W10xH5.0mm 236lm
    GL-5-F634J-B W10xH5.0mm 211lm
  • Dimension:
  • Dual-line LED strip
  • Connect Drawing:

    Dual-line LED strip


  • Application :
  • 1. Decoration and backlight for showcase, advertising displayer board.
    2. Lighting for hotel, garden, bridge and road.
    3. Furniture and goods shelf.
    4. Corridor, ceiling and stair.
  • Note:
  • 1、Please apply different IP rate products according to different environment conditions;
    2、Adopt suitable power supply to match the LED strips. Power is 20% bigger than max power of LED strips to ensure
    long time performance of power supply;
    3、Do not install it when power is on. Before powering on, please make sure the wiring is correct;
    4、Avoid privately changing or damaging the circuit or other component on the strip;
    5、Avoid scrape or bending during installation, it might be damaged with non repairable status;
    6、Strip linked in over long length would lead to problem of overload or uneven brightness;
    7、To protect your eyes, do not stare at the light for a long time while it's illuminated;
    8、Only professional personnel can install, dismantle and repair.
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